Baptism & Confirmation

Baptism, or what you may know as a christening, marks the beginning of a journey with God. It is our response to God’s infinite love for us. In baptism we make promises to follow Jesus and to live serving Him.

Anyone, of any age, can be baptised. You are never too old or too young! For babies and very young children, parents and godparents make the promises to care for the child and bring them up to know God’s love for them. For older children, young people and adults, the person being baptised makes the promises for themselves.

At Berkswell we generally hold special baptism services at 12noon on the third Sunday of the month. We can however be flexible and have options for a service that is right for you.



In a confirmation service an individual confirms the promises made at their baptism, and the Bishop leading the service will pray for that person to receive the Holy Spirit to help them live following God all their life. Confirmation is usually a step for people who are ready and able to take responsibility for their own faith journey. It is a wonderful occasion where you make a public declaration of faith and receive Holy Communion as part of the service. For many people this may be the first time they receive Holy Communion.                                                                        

Confirmation services are performed by the Bishop every Easter at Coventry Cathedral, or we can invite the Bishop to hold a confirmation service at Berkswell.